Error during Activation of SQL Integration

When you try to activate SQL Integration for Enchanced Reporting in the Mailscape Adminstration Console, you might encounter and error accessing SQL Server. 
To sucessfully configure SQL Integration, execute the following steps:
  1. Create a new user account for ENow SQL Service auf dem ENow Web Server ein neues Dienstkonto ein.
    • Create a local user account on the ENow Web Server, if SQL Server Express is installed locally
    • Create a domain user account, if SQL Server is installed remotely
  2. Create a new SQL Login for the user account using the SQL Server Management Console and assign the following SQL role
    • sysadmin
  3. Start the ENow Administration Console  "as Administratorator"
  4. Activate SQL Integration for extended Reporting
    • Use the new created user account for accessing SQL Server
    • The Windows Service "ENow SQL Service" will be configured to use the provided user account automatically



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